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The sturdy cotton fabric and the timeless look improve workplace hygiene and increase the service life of our customers' seats.

The allrounder.

By protecting seats from dirt and signs of wear, our protective covers preserve your vehicles' value, something which is especially important for leased vehicles. The seats show less wear and tear and thus increase your service life.

This not only saves money: they also look look better and improve hygiene and your drivers' health and well-being!

Our seat covers are used in many industries and are highly popular.

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Commercial clients

Trades, logistics companies, manufacturers, and many more clients

  • Bernard Krone GmbH & Co. KG
  • Securitas Fire Control
  • Mietservice Gerken
  • Volkswagen Tradeport Hamm
  • Ford Rahenbrock Osnabrück

Rescue services

Rescue service and patient transport organisations often use our seat covers to meet their hygiene certification requirements.

Our protective covers have been specially developed for everyday use in emergency services and is an important supplement to hygiene in the driver's cab of your emergency vehicle.

Emergency services that use our protective covers include:

  • ASB Hamburg
  • ASB München
  • BRK Kreisverband Schweinfurt
  • BRK Kreisverband Starnberg
  • JUH RV München
  • DRK Kreisverband Grafschaft Bentheim
  • Malteser Duisburg
  • ÖRK Tirol

Fire departments

Seats in fire department vehicles are subject to increased stress. The following departments use our covers for their vehicles:

  • Berufsfeuerwehr Düsseldorf
  • Berufsfeuerwehr Münster
  • Berufsfeuerwehr Mönchengladbach
  • Berufsfeuerwehr Weimar
  • Berufsfeuerwehr Bielefeld
  • Berufsfeuerwehr Wilhelmshaven


These are some of the airports we supply:

  • Airport Düsseldorf
  • Airport Stuttgart
  • Airport München
  • Airport Bremen

Manufactures of rescue service vehicles

Just some of our customers:

  • WAS
  • Fahrtec Systeme
  • GSF
  • Binz
  • Magirus Ulm
  • Rosenbauer Karlsruhe
  • Redcar Fahrzeugbau

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